Nick Brown

BA, Studio Art, Drawing/Painting

University of Redlands


I love the idea that we are surrounded by millions of colors at any given moment in time. Not just  red, blue, green,

and yellow. But muddy pink, dirt purple, mint green, and fog white. My work expresses a passion for the relationships

between the colors we see, in the landscapes we call home. And how those colors and moments in time have the

ability to leave an imprint on our souls, so long as we stand and stop to look at them.

I was born and raised, and currently live in the Central Valley of California, and many of my oil paintings are inspired by

that region and people and the paths west to the Bay Area. For many years now, I have also called the Inland Empire

and cities like Claremont, Pomona, and Redlands my second home. And some of my recent work reflects the influence

those places and the people have had on my work. Flashes in time that are passing by everyday inspire me as a

painter and always remind me to stop, look, and stand in the colors and landscapes around all of us.  And it is my hope

that the viewer might stop, even for an instant, and share those moments with me.